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Vasu Eye Institute & Skin Centre is a super specialty eye and skin hospital. We aim to provide all world-class eye and skin services in Malwa Region. Heartened by the faith and conviction of our patients in us, we express our gratitude and endeavor to promote or restore eye health. We wish to touch the lives of all the patients and to assist them to live a sight-full and bright-eyed life.

We become the hope for Malwa region patients when it comes to severe skin diseases. Patients are now taking benefits from Dr. Ruchi Mangla's services and getting the cure for their serious skin diseases. They do not need to travel to farby cities for skin treatment.

So if you have a question that which is the best eye hospital near me? Then your search is over here. You are at the right place. Vasu Eye Institute is the best eye hospital near you. As well as, we feel proud to say that we are the best skin hospital in Bathinda.

World Class Facilities

Best Eye Hospital In Bathinda

16+ Years Experience

We feel proud to say that we are the Best eye hospital in Bathinda and the first choice of patients for various eye treatments. We belive in complete diagnose of an eye for every small and major problems as it gives us full idea of all type of hidden eye problems because of which we can save patient from serious eye problems like Glaucoma. We do have the state of art technology. Ultra modern devices helps in more precession.

Vasu Eye Institute & Skin Centre is one stop destination for any kind of eye problem and eye surgery in Punjab.

We are an NABH Accridited hospital, We never compromise with quality and standards.

Best Skin Care Hospital In Bathinda

16+ Years Experience

We are professional “skin, hair & nails care” centre. We are providing all skin & hair care services such as skin peelings and skin polishings for treatment of blemishes, acne & acne scars, pigmentation & skin rejuvenation for improvement of skin complexion & texture.

The department of Dermatology has indoor and OPD facilities for treating diseases related to skin, hair, and nail. The OPD facility has well equipped consulting rooms with daycare procedures. The indoor facility provides care right from deluxe rooms to general wards.

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